yellow-chair.gif jon-on-chair.gif

I just re-upholstered two old chairs we had on our deck and I’m pretty proud of myself. I wish I had some before pictures of the torn up ol’ fabric on here – but these shiny new shots will have to suffice. For some reason this project took about a year, even though the total work was maybe an hour. Rachel mentioned about a year ago that we should re-upholster the chairs since they were pretty ratty and getting uncomfortable. Last summer I tore them apart. Sometime last fall we picked up some vinyl and batting. Mid-winter we borrowed a staple gun from Rachel’s dad. And finally, last week, when the sun came back out, I was ready to prepare the chairs for summer nights on the porch. Rachel provided additional incentive by fast using up the batting on other projects, so I had to start before she used it all. Anyhow, the chairs turned out pretty well for my first upholstery job. Staple guns are a good time.