I finished this oil painting last week after pretty much selling out my lantern/poppy series. Those seem to go in bunches – I’ll make a nice grouping and they won’t sell for months, then within two weeks they will be gone. So now I’m once again in the stocking up phase and get to enjoy new oil paintings around our apartment. The painting shown above is my favorite right now. I usually fall in love with one of them and am sad to see it part – though happy to think the person getting it will enjoy it as much as I do. The colors in this one aren’t as bright as my other ones – I love the way blue, brown and that ocher look together.

These circles are very, very common throughout my work. I’ve always been attracted to this shape and interpret it in a variety of ways – flowers, lanterns, poppies. But the shape really reminds me of Buckeye seeds – my favorite Fall activity is to take walks and to fill my pockets up with those beautiful mini sculptures. You can always find them in forgotten places in my home throughout the year.