Today we worked out at my parents house building frames and cutting panels – in general getting very sawdusted. I always love working in the garage with my dad (pictured) and Jon – it feels great to cut down a large sheet of wood and make it into lots of panels of painting potential.

These frames originated, and many have been made, by my father. A couple birthdays ago he gave me a blank panel mounted on a frame, similar to what we now make, made from reclaimed pallet wood. I loved it so much I asked if he could make me more – now hundreds of frames later I couldn’t imagine displaying my mixed media paintings on anything else. Many of the paintings are uniquely framed with wood from pallets – it is amazing how beautiful some of the wood is once you plane it down! We recently started having to use ‘new’ wood, too, because the pallet frames are so labor intensive we couldn’t keep up. Pictured are my dad and Jon, all the frames we built and a framed painting.