Screen printed onsies

Polka dot romper Orange Cords Romper

I’m afraid I’ve been neglecting this blog for the last week because I have been distracted by cute little sewing projects. Jon and I recently found out we will be having a little girl in August, and now that I know I just want to spend my time sewing tiny things for her! Here are some little outfits that Jon and I made together – neither of us is very good at sewing (yet!) and it’s been fun to work as a team on something new. He is much better at following directions than I am and we are both pretty proud of our little creations. My favorite is the red polka dot romper that my mother so nicely came over two different days to help us out on! I’ve also been doing some more screen printing and printed these onsies – another fun project that has also been distracting me from painting.

However, today I am excited to be painting! I started prepping five new oil paintings yesterday and will be working on the underpaintings on some of them today. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!