I’m busy working on new map paintings these days – getting ready for the Alberta Art Hop on Saturday (see post below for more info) – and can’t believe sunny, nice weather will be joining us at the sale! Today, Jon and I are going to make more wood frames for the paintings and cut some panels. I’m also going to try and make one or two big mixed media paintings in the next month for a show at Tilde I’m having in July and need to get those prepped.

I was spacing out this morning, looking at my watercolors as they hanging all over my apartment. This was the series that got me started in painting, and though not as popular as my map or oil paintings, I really love them. They started off in oil then moved into watercolor. I haven’t done them in a while and don’t have many posted on etsy or my website, but hope to do some more soon. They were inspired by flying over the strange and beautiful shapes of crop circles and land grids. I abstract them, but always imagine little farm layouts while painting them and hope people pick up on that. Watercolors are such a lovely medium and I always get excited when I see artists do more abstract work with them instead of the traditional watercolor subjects. Above are some little ones I’ve done.

Have a lovely Wednesday,