Rachel encouraged me to post a little something, so I searched out a fun little Etsy theme. The talent base is virtually endless – so many beautiful stumps!

The first is a cute little print from nutandbee who has a great collection of prints, stamps, stickers, etc from the pure sweetness to the slightly satirical.

Next is a nice collection of stumps from the super seller and now Portland artist Ashley G

Check out these stump coasters at little odd forest who’s shop is full of whimsy, including more stump-related items, as well as some beautiful carved wooden objects.

Of course I had to plug Rachel’s own paintings with a shot of this stump painting. I believe the only stump painting currently available (though there is another in the works).

And finally, who could not love this stump girl print from Great Middle West?

There are tons more stumpy items available on Etsy, but little room on this page, so perhaps another time.