On Sunday my mom threw me a lovely baby shower with lots of family and family friends, many who I haven’t seen in years. It was exciting to get so many cute outfits, blankets and lots of other things babies need. I couldn’t believe how generous people were (especially Jon’s sister’s – Heidi and Mary – and both Jon and my Mothers)! Now that all the gifts are spread out in my living room it is feeling more and more like we have an actual baby coming.  Jon and I started our Hypno-birthing class last night with less than 9 weeks till little Adelaide’s due date. : )

One of the gifts I got was a cute little knitted ‘lovie’ bunny. I was just looking at her blog and then started looking at lots of other little handmade critters that I wanted to share. The little bunny is from Four Eyed Girl Designs (that’s the one I have!). The white woolly sheep is made by betsyb on etsy. That rascally raccoon is from cozyblue and the brown lamb is from girlsavage.

Have a great day!