Thank you all for your kind emails and well wishes as we wait patiently for our baby!  We are spending these last few days cleaning, resting and finishing up some last minute orders.  Friday, I shipped out several pieces for a group show I’m a part of at Nahcotta ( in New Hampshire) that opens the beginning of September.  While I will not be heading out there, I hope if you are in the area you’ll stop by.  It is called the ‘Enormous Tiny Art Show IV’ and all the pieces will be 10 inches or smaller.  I participated in it last year and it looked like a great event!   They just set up a Flicker account with images of several of the pieces that will be showing that you can check out here.  This will probably be my last post for a little while as little Adelaide will be arriving this week.  We are so, so excited to finally meet her!  Hooray!

Happy Sunday,