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I had to share some recent pictures of Adelaide – I can’t believe she is almost 5 months old!  We went to the Oregon coast last week and enjoyed some unusually warm weather for January, it was so nice to soak in some sunshine.  I’m ready for Spring, but alas, they are predicting more snow on Sunday.  I brought along three years of digital pictures on our trip – over 800 – that I thought I should organize and put into albums before I got completely behind.  I finished that project and now they look much nicer in pretty Kolo albums than in piles all over the office.  We take so many pictures of our little girl – I just want to preserve it all.  She is getting so funny, when you pull out the camera she starts smiling.

I think we are all coming down with a cold – me first – I have been in bed for the last day and a half.  Hopefully the little one won’t get it.  I’ve been drinking fresh ginger grated and steeped in hot water with a touch of honey.  I’m sure it helps, but if not it is still a mighty tasty winter beverage. I hope we are back to feeling good soon – we’ve got some celebrating to do!  1000 Etsy sales, a journal offer ( I’ll share more about this later), and my birthday this week!