As I’m going through our apartment getting ready for our move in a couple weeks, I keep coming across some of my older paintings that don’t quite fit with my current series.  So, I’m having a $25 art sale of some of my older pieces with the hope of giving them good homes before the move.

All paintings are only $25 – however, please note, shipping on the paintings vary since some of them are a bit heavy  If you are interested in purchasing a painting email me the title of the painting and your shipping address at and I’ll email you an invoice through Paypal (let me know if you prefer to send a check). If they sell, I’ll mark them as sold.  Thanks for helping me move!



crop-circles-5-x-5Crop Circles

Mixed Media Map paintings on wood : 5″ x 5″x 1.5″ : SOLD

aerial-farm-oil-6-x-6Aerial Farm Oil

Oil on Wood with rough homemade metal frame: 6″ x 6″ :SOLD

aerial-views-6-x-6Aerial Farm Views

Oil on Wood with thick, boxy homemade metal frame : 6″ x 6″: SOLD


Oil on canvas : 18″ x 18″ : SOLD

five-nails-8-x-8 dsc05449

Five Nails

Mixed Media w/ Nails on Wood: 8″ x 8″: SOLD


Mini Landscape

Oil on Paper:Framed with Glass Clip Frame: 5″ x 7″ (frame size): $25 plus $4 shipping


Old Barn

Oil on Wood: 4″ x 4″: $25 plus $3 shipping


Two Nails

Mixed Media on Wood w/ Nails: 5″ x 5″: SOLD


Four Nails

Mixed Media on Wood w/ Nails: 5″ x 5″: SOLD



Belmont and 39th

Acrylic Transfer: 6″ x 10″: SOLD

three-nails-5-x-5 dsc05439

Three Nails

Mixed Media w/ Nails: 5″ x 5″: SOLD


Two Doves

Oil and Graphite on Wood: 12″ x 12″: SOLD


Circles in Red

Oil on Canvas: 9″ x 12″: SOLD


Portland Train Yard

Oil on Wood: 10″ x 10″: SOLD


Tall Trees

Mixed Media on Wood: 4″ x 4″: SOLD


dsc05461 dsc05465 dsc05463

Red Poppies – SOLD             X’s and O’s    SOLD                Blues –SOLD

Mixed Media: Thick acrylic resin poured into box frames over oil paintings.  Very unique and a bit heavy.  Wired and ready to hang.  Makes a lovely set.

Each piece 6″ x 12″: $25 each plus $15 shipping or combine all three for $25 shipping