Hello all,

Today I met with New Seasons, Portland’s lovely grocer of all things local and good, to talk about carrying my cards!  It feels quite exciting – they will be available at all of their nine locations starting in April.  Two of the stores will even carry my map pendants.  Hooray!  I needed a little boost to my confidence that I can still be a full time artist in this slow economy.  I feel I’ll have to work twice as hard this year, but I am up for the challenge.

We have been busy packing and are surrounded by towers of boxes.  We should be moving into our new (1925 new) house in the next couple of days.  I can officially say I am tired of packing and just want to be settled in.  Things have been delayed a bit – we thought we’d close and be moving this Saturday, but it looks like it might be early next week.  We are so excited, though, to be in our first house – we’ve been saving and talking about it for so many years – I can’t believe it’s happening!  Here comes another ‘Hooray!’