Last week I got an email asking to have one of my paintings  be a part of Sunset Magazine’s Idea House for their  Celebration Weekend event.  Of course, I was quite excited and shipped out this little painting, ‘Lawnside’ to be included in their art under $60 collection.  The artwork was curated by the very kind Suzanne Shade of The Beholder (a really wonderful site for artwork).  The house was open this weekend and will be a part of their October issue – I’m hoping I’ll be able to spot my mini little painting in the issue.  Also, exciting was that someone bought the piece yesterday!

This little house is really cool – it’s a prefab designed by San Fransisco’s Modern Cabana.  I really love the framed hanging wall of succulents – isn’t that amazingly beautiful!  I’d love to try to make something similar for my backyard.  I wonder if it would work in our Portland climate?  Hmmmm…  And try to find my painting in the middle photo – it’s that tiny little red piece.  : )

To see more pretty pictures of this little house visit Sunset’s site.