It is so nice to be home after so much traveling this summer!  We got back from Sun Valley last Monday.  It was (almost) funny the amount of cold weather and rain we got for the festival.  When we left Portland it had been in the upper 90’s and we didn’t think to pack much in the way of warm clothes.  It was so cold the first two days, that I had to run out to buy shoes and a rain jacket to get me through the weekend.  Happily, on the last day the weather was back to the mid 70’s/80’s usual of the area.  It was still a pretty good show even though not a lot of people showed up.  I was also happy that was the last show of the summer – I don’t think I had the energy to pack up and do it again for another weekend.

We’ve been taking it easy this week – trying to capture the last of summer.  The day of our ten hour drive from Sun Valley, we made it home then realized we could still make ‘Casablanca’ at Laurelhurst Park.  Portland Parks and Rec sponsors one of my favorite summer activities of watching movies under the stars.  On Friday we had a picnic dinner at the Hoyt Arboretum, where we had a beautiful, quiet field to ourselves.  That’s where I got this great picture of Jon and Adelaide – I love the carefree joy it shows!  This Saturday is the adult soapbox derby races at Mt. Tabor park – if you haven’t been and are in the area you have to go!  Happy, happy times.

Wishing you the best,