Saffron 2

Since moving into our house and finally having a yard, I’ve been so happy to be able to start growing our own herbs.   I planted Saffron a couple weeks ago in pots on our front steps and the first one just bloomed.  I am so excited that I had to take some photos to share!  Saffron is suprisingly easy to grow in the northwest and blooms in the Fall.  Other interesting saffron facts I’ve learned:

* Saffron is a type of crocus, but it is a very specific type.  Don’t go harvesting your neighbors crocuses in the Spring or you may feel ill.

* The reason it is so expensive is you can only harvest three little strands per flower.  Commercially it takes 75,000 bulbs to harvest one pound.  Crazy.

* I bought 25 bulbs from White Flower nursery and they say that should be a good amount for a year for one family.

* The bulbs multiply so next year we should have some to share!

* You have to grab those little strands the day the flower opens to get the best flavor – they start deteriorating right away.

Now I need to start looking at some tasty recipes that use Saffron…  Yum.