We are heading out this week to the coast!  Very exciting.  Exciting to take a vacation and also because it is my birthday on Sunday – I’m going to be 30!   We’ll be visiting both Manzanita and Astoria – my two favorite coastal towns.  When I get back I’m getting right to work – I haven’t painted as much as I wanted to in January so February is the month to buckle down.  I also need to start thinking of summer, crazy enough.  Right now is when I need to apply for summer art fairs and the deadlines for applications are approaching.  This photo is of Adelaide the last time we were at the beach – it’s one of my favorites.  It’s the way I feel when I’m near the ocean with all that beauty and space.  Hopefully we’ll get a little good weather so we can run in the sand this time too.

Have a great week!