Something new!

I thought I would show some new works, in addition to showing my map paintings, at a couple school fundraisers I’m in next month.  As a native Oregonian, I admit a love of the rainy weather we get a lot here – at least till about February/March, then I start dreaming of warm beaches and sunglasses like everyone else.   I wanted to create little views of tiny towns and rain.  And a bit of other weather too.  I’m still working on them, but like how they are turning out so far.  What do you think?  I am using an ‘ink’ pencil and cutting out and gluing very, very tiny raindrops out of bits of colorful paper.  Gluing the tiny drops and getting them just where I want them has been tricky – I keep finding myself holding my breath while I maneuver them so I don’t cause them to blow away.  Fun, light headed times.

Rainy happiness to you,