First, thank so much to those who left a comment for the notecard giveaway and congratulations to Lisa for winning!  More giveaways are in the future so keep checking back.

And second, I now have an awesome freestanding wall to paint on!  I’m very happy to have this – my studio is in our unfinished basement and I’ve been itching to be able to work on multiple pieces on a white wall since taking William Park’s workshop.  It’s 8′ wide, on wheels, and made by our good friend and carpenter, Todd Fifield.  (Send me an email if you want a wall too and I can send you Todd’s contact info.)  Adelaide has also been loving the wall, getting to paint right by her mama.  I’ve been working on some big oil paintings from my poppy and lantern series for my Bellevue Art Museum Show coming up in July and really love how they are turning out.  I’ll be posting pictures soon!

Have a lovely and creative day,