We’re home after three weeks traveling to art festivals!  It’s nice have two weeks to rest and play in the yard before heading to my last show of the summer, Sun Valley Art Festival.

This last show for the Bellevue Artsfair felt like an emotional roller-coaster for me.  Stress at setting up – the ceiling above my booth was leaking right where my paintings were going, electricity didn’t work – then excitement when we walked around town and saw that my painting was used in their ad campaign and printed on the cover of all the show programs!  I later found out it’s been on buses, tv, and in magazines advertising the show.  A couple people that came on the weekend said they came down to the show just to see my artwork in person – amazing!    Then the first day of the show nothing seemed to happen – no sales, long day, not many conversations.  The mood changed again that night when I sold my biggest painting of the show – hooray!  As soon as I packed it up and said goodbye, my vision started fading and I quickly came down with a migraine and had to leave the show early.  My fabulous booth neighbors closed up my booth when the show closed.  The next two days went better, not as well as I had hoped for this show, but still good.

I keep getting comments when I show my oils that I should design fabric – how fun would that be!  Something I’m going to look into this fall thought I’m not really sure where to start.  Any ideas?

Thanks for reading and check back again soon – I’ll be posting another readers giveaway within a week!