Halloween was very fun with Adelaide this year – she was still a little dazed and confused about the whole thing, but happily went along with it.  She made a pretty cute unicorn too, though if you asked her what she was, she usually answered ‘porcupine’.  Both are kind of poky so we didn’t really push it.

And now it is November!  Yikes!  I have four weeks of shows coming up back to back.  The first is an opening at Click in Seattle with my poppy and lantern oil series on Nov. 11th.  I’ll be showing three new monoprints and some smaller oils in addition to some big pieces.  I’m excited!  Next up, on Nov. 20th, I’m having my very first open house without being apart of a larger tour.  Please come!  I’ll have my dad’s amazing filbert cookies.  It really is worth the visit just for the cookies.  I’ll post more about these events and more in the next couple of weeks.

Happy November,