We are waiting for a little snow in Portland tonight.  I love it when it snows here, since it doesn’t stay or happen often.  We’ve had lots of reports this winter of snow storms, but so far we haven’t seen any.  Fingers crossed for a cozy day of sledding with Adelaide tomorrow.  Here is a wintery collection of pretty things I’ve found on etsy. Enjoy!

‘The Kiss’ print $35 by Inaluxe

Zippered Cases $ 18 by pilosale

Terrarium kit $34 by monkeysalwayslook

'When the world sleeps' print $35 by dkim

'Daring young girl in gray and red' $100 by marysgrandaughter

Frosted Glass Necklace $32 by GlitzGlitter

Five Senses Postcard, set of four $6 by paragraphcove