I’m a little sad to say this is the final week of the art challenge.  I have really enjoyed trying out new ideas and seeing everyone else’s creations.  All of the artists below have created a new piece of artwork each week in February around the theme of home.  This has been a wonderful group, some professional artists, hobby artists and some that thought it was about time to pick up a brush.

Have you been inspired by this challenge?  We’d love to hear your comments or encouragement.   Thank you for all who participated and I’ll be posting another challenge later in the year!

Nancy Kremiller

'Winter Blueberry' by Carrie Erickson

'Hello Home' by Katie Gilmour

Emily Cox

Dave Kremiller

'Home' by Yvette Head

Megan Lathrop

'Wonderland' by Kelly Akin

'Holgate' by Rachel Austin