Here are a couple pictures of my booth at the Crafty Wonderland Sale this weekend.  The last week has been busy pulling long days and nights trying to get every thing done.  After the reception on Friday for my show at Tilde, I can home and had a bit of a meltdown while trying to finish packing for an early morning set-up the next day.  I was so tired and still had a long day ahead of me.

In the morning I awoke feeling better.  Ready.  I set up, hanging the last tag just as the doors were opened to let in all the waiting shoppers.  The day ended up being wonderful, I got to talk with so many lovely people and had great sales.  It’s amazing what nice people there are out there.  I work so much alone that it is energizing to be around people that enjoy my art and to see other vendors who have become friends over the years.  When I finally got home, and could hardly stand, my feet hurt so from standing on concrete for 11 hours, Jon had flowers and dinner waiting for me.

I am blessed.