This weekend finally brought some summer weather to Portland and with it a frenzy of bar-b-ques, a new wading pool for Adelaide, and summer clothes.  I was out at the Oregon Gardens with Adelaide and she exclaimed while pointing to another little girl, “Mama!  That girl isn’t wearing any pants!” She was, in fact, wearing shorts.  We just haven’t seen sunshine and warm weather in such a long time.  Here’s to summer – hopefully it will be back again – the clouds and stormy skies have returned.

I had such a busy May and a busy July is coming up, so I’m starting this first week of June painting, painting, painting.  I have more little 5 x 5 map paintings now posted on my website and slowly am getting them posted on etsy.  I actually sold out of all my small sizes this past month.  Happy to be crazy busy again.

A lovely first week of June to you,