I just got home from a workshop at Collage, taught by the lovely artist Suki Allen, on how to make these cute little plant markers from spoons.  They are pretty sweet and I can’t wait to make more for all the herbs we are growing!

To make, you basically pound flat a silver spoon (silver is the key for easy flattening) with a rubber mallet.  Then pound out the letters, with a metal mallet, using a set of metal type that Collage sells for about $24.  We filled in the embossed letters with a black sharpie and I drew little pictures for the herbs.  I’m not sure how the pictures will hold up, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t last.  I didn’t end up buying the metal type, I think I’m just going to write out the herbs and do little doodles for the rest.  I’ll let you know how the pictures hold up.  Fun, fun.