I’ve just finished up with two of three summer art festivals.  This has been such a cool, wet summer and at the show in Salem the rain came pouring the last day.  I was almost in tears driving in the January-like weather to the show that morning, hoping all my work sitting in the tent wasn’t damaged by the water.  It wasn’t, thank goodness, and I spent the day catching drips and pushing pooling water off the top of the tent.  The amazing thing is people eventually started coming out to the show.  They came in rain gear with umbrellas and waterproof bags for their purchases.  The rainiest day turned out to be one of my best and I feel so grateful to all those who came out to support the artists sitting in the rain.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hoping for good weather in Bellevue next week for my final summer festival.  Fingers crossed.

And for an exciting television update – last week I shipped off a bunch of smaller work to the studios at NBC.  An art director had contacted me through etsy about purchasing several 11 x 14 prints of both my poppy series and map series and four small originals to put on the set of the show Parenthood.  So be on the lookout next season if you watch the show and let me know if you spot any!  I also sold some prints through the Portland shop, Land, a couple months ago to another art director from NBC – they purchased a couple 8 x 10 prints for a new pilot called Grimm.  I’m not sure if that show starts in the fall too, but if so, be on the lookout for my work.

Alright.  Back to the studio for a full day of painting and finishing up some commissions. Cheers.