I had such a busy summer show season with three art festivals in a row – one of my best years.  Thank you to all who came out, it was great to have so many good conversations and make some new friends.

I’m in the transition now from being crazy busy to having some time to breathe, work on commissions and pack in summer fun.  It is nice to have more time to play with Adelaide and see friends.  This week we’ve already picked berries, had a dinner party and went canoeing.  I hope the good weather lasts for a while and we can play and work on some yard projects.

A couple things, though, I’ve meant to write about.  First, my husband, Jon, the behind the scene superstar of my business and life has been writing a food blog on the tasty things he cooks.  Check out Food for Three to get some great ideas and leave him a comment.  Picture above is from a recent post.  Yum.

And lastly, mark your calendars for Portland Open Studios tour on the first and second weekend in October.  One hundred artists open their studios or homes to show their artwork and give demos.  It is a really wonderful event and all self guided so you choose who you want to see.  Maps are $5 for the map only or $15 for a pretty color guide with images of all the artists artwork.  I’ll have a little freebie and some of my dad’s filbert cookies just for stopping by.

Happy weekend to you.