I’ve been needing to be more of a mama than a painter the last couple months as Jon has been working a temporary full time job at the library instead of part time with me.  We were curious to see if we could keep up with my business and a preschooler if he worked a full time job.  We have realized it is tough.  Jon usually watches Addie, giving me time to paint, and takes care of filling orders, printing and framing.  I’ve struggled with anxiety and had some bad panic attacks trying to keep up my pace while watching Addie more.  It’s made me see I need to make some changes to my schedule and the amount I can do until February when I’ll have my favorite assistant back.  I’ll just be doing two holiday shows this season (Crafty Wonderland and Urban Craft Uprising) and hope to make it through somewhat calmly.  I work really hard when I have the time and am trying to not sweat it when I’m with Addie so we can enjoy this time together.  Three year olds are pretty awesome.  So is pink playdough with sparkles.