Hello all,

What an amazing show season – I was so happy to see thousands of people come out and support the artists and crafters in my last two shows.  I was trying to remember how long I’ve done the Crafty Wonderland and Urban Craft Uprising sales and think it’s been about five years now.  It has been a treat getting to know people just through these shows – the people who come back every year and stop to chat.  It warms my heart.

Since last weekend, I’ve been on a crafty rampage making gifts for the holidays.  I’ve been painting so much the last couple months and not doing much else that Addie and I created all sorts of lovely things this week.  I thought you might be looking for some simple and fun gifts to make and have posted some ideas below.  Descriptions are a little general so if you need more, just leave a comment and I’ll go into more detail.


Soy Candles

Super easy.  I ordered all my supplies – soy wax, wicks and some scents – though Candle Science.  They also have great instructions online.  We have mason jars everywhere around here and I think they look pretty sweet as candles.  I’ve also used decorative glasses and pretty jadeite vases.  Make them with citronella for the garden in the summer and to take camping.


Felt for kids

Addie and I made these little gifts for each of the kids in her preschool.  Mustaches for the boys and flower hair pins for the girls.  Here are some tutorial links for the felted flowers (easy!).  For the mustaches I just drew and cut out a mustache out of card stock for a template and cut out two per stick.  Sandwich the popsicle stick in between with hot glue and you are set.  I ordered my felt on etsy through Felt on the Fly – beautiful felt, tons of colors. Other ideas for the flowers – pins, magnets, ornaments.



I was in Collage, here in Portland, when I saw these cute adjustable rings by Nunn Design.  They come blank and ready for your ideas.  I just painted them with acrylic paint in some of my favorite colors and sealed them a thick coat of  Diamond Glaze for a cool finish.  I made some for Addie too, painted pink and added glitter, for her dress up box.  Visit Collage for the rings, about $5 each, or online I found them here.  Other ideas – add a photo, do a tiny drawing, stamp or add a map.


Sculpey Ornaments

The other night my friend Alisa and Deb, two very creative ladies, came over for some wine and crafting.  We made lots of little ornaments and gift tags using white and pearl Sculpey Clay.  I love these faux wood grain ones.  Make by rolling out the clay between 1/4″ and 1/8″, stamp with a wood grain stamp, snowflake stamp or text, and cut with a circle cookie cutter.  We used a nail to make the hole for the string – a little straw could also work well.  I baked them for about 8 minutes at 275 and ta-da.  Super cute.  If you aren’t up for making them, check out etsy seller mstetson for gorgeous gift tags.


Happy crafting!