Today has been a lovely, quiet and productive day.  My mom is watching Addie, Jon is at work and I feel like it is my first day back in the ‘zone’ after the holidays.  It feels good to be back painting – it makes me feel balanced.  I’ve been working on commissions  (thankful to have ten custom pieces to work on this month!) and prepped a couple today.  Working on commissions from three different series has been interesting having to switch gears from my map paintings to the poppy series to the new cartography series.  Feels like painting exercise.

In addition to commissions, I’m working on a couple pieces for group shows opening next month.  The 100 show at Weiden and Kennedy and the Art of Communication show at Mary Lou Zeek Gallery.  Just finished the Mary Lou Zeek piece and thought I’d share.

This is the 10th annual 100 Artists show. All artists received a blank letter through the mail and were asked to write a thought, a story, a description or whatever they so choose and then send to their “partnered” artist. That artist then interprets the writings that were sent to them and then used the writings as their starting point for their own artwork.  I was partnered up with Mark Poulin and got the following letter.  I really like having it up in my studio and will miss having it hanging – I have to return it with the painting so they can be displayed together.  The statement ‘I have what you want, but can’t part with it’ lead me to create the light and simple painting ‘A sunny day’ as my response.

The show opens at Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in Salem, OR on February 1st and all the pieces will be available to see and to bid on online as well.  All proceeds go to charity.