Sometimes like to show off projects I’m doing other than painting.  Hopefully you’ll humor me.

Okay, flower arranging!  I’m loving making little arrangements for our living room.  It feels like making sculptures with plants – beautiful and temporary.  This one has been making me quite happy with it’s bursts of greens and pop of reds.  I found the white Bauer vase at an antique shop a couple of months ago and since I love all things that are circles, it had to come home with me.  I’m pretty sure spring is here – the early bloomers in the garden are emerging.  Hoping to do some arrangement with more plants from the yard soon.

Our fireplace lasted almost one hundred years before I moved in and gave it a thick coat of white paint.  I still feel a little guilty, but the room does feels brighter and cleaner.  Jon and Addie went to a Super Bowl party and with the quiet house, I went right to work.  We stopped using the fireplace since we just use the fire pit in the backyard when the urge for sitting around the fire hits.  I saw a couple fireplaces on Pinterest like this – filled with round logs – and had to try it.  See it’s that circle theme again.