I love it when my day is balanced with painting, family and being outside like it was yesterday.  It’s often hard to do.  Spent most of the morning and early afternoon painting and packaging orders.  Really in the oil painting mode right now – I’ll post more pictures as they finish up.  The sun came out and Jon, Addie and I went outside.  I started off gardening and then showing Addie how to make really good mud pies.  Did you make them as a kid?  It’s fun to have a child and all these games come back to you.  She took it up a notch, bringing Jon and I ‘mud coffee’ and later in the picture below we painted each others arms.  Just like a mud spa.  I asked her how much – “7 dollars, please.”  Ha.  Come on over and Addie can smear your arms with mud.  Dinner was outside and then we three put up a little swing for Addie with some rope and a board.  A little uneven, but  she had fun swinging and singing as the sun went down.

Today is back to rain Portland, but hoping it clears up this afternoon again.  Until then, I’ll be in the studio painting.