Sorry for the cheesy pun.  If you must know, I really love a corny joke.  I’ve been teaching Addie some jokes and nothing beats the big smile it puts on her face.  We keep telling each other the same ones over again and it doesn’t get old for us – poor Jon.  Our favorite:  What do you call a bear with no teeth?  A gummy bear!  (Laughter follows here)

Last week Addie and I painted rocks while enjoying the sunshine.  I got this idea for the tiny pebbles with letters from the lovely and creative Suki.  She had them as little place settings for a fancy tea party she hosted for Addie and myself.  The rocks have been great learning tool for Addie and just plain fun to have on the table to play with after a leisurely meal.  The pebbles were found on the Oregon coast on a recent trip to Manzanita and the pen was a super fine white Sharpie paint pen.  So fill your pockets with beach stones the next time you are there and make some for yourself.