Hello friends,

I was just thinking I haven’t blogged in a long time and when I checked it was true!  After the busyness of summer art festivals, I stepped back from painting a bit in August.  Addie (my now 5 year old) and I made this summer checklist in June.  We love summer and wanted to make sure we got in all our favorite things, but also balance it with finding the laziness of summer.  We did it!

Addie started full day pre-k this fall which has been a big adjustment to all of us.  It was with such nervousness that she started, and now, a couple weeks in, she loves it.  It has been really nice for me to start getting a consistent schedule to work instead of a couple hours here and there and working late into the night.  My first couple of weeks found me organizing the studio, hanging and picking up shows in Seattle, working on a brand new website, and starting a new collection of greeted notecards. This year my goal is to try leading a little bit more balanced life between work, family, and health.  It’s hard.  Most days it is not balanced, but I’m trying to be okay with that too.

Thank you much for all your support – hope to be posting more regularly and will have some new things to show soon!